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What is Brazilian Keratin?

Brazilian Keratin is a revolutionary purely non-chemical product designed for regenerating and forming of hair, primarily for a long term hair straightening. Molecules of keratin pierce into the inner hair structure and repair its damage. The results are visible immediately after application.

You will often find claims on the internet that the keratin treatment can keep your hair straight for 6 months. While the treatment can work longer with the appropriate aftercare with official products, it is needed to renew the treatment every 3 months (max 3 and half), because the product will eventually wash out from the ends of your hair and the roots will of course grow in original texture.
For hair type 3A-4C (Andre Walker Hair Typing System) we recommend not waiting longer than 2 and half months, max 3.

Brazilian Keratin is intended for everyone who wishes to have:

  • straight hair or curly hair
  • healthy hair
  • shiny hair
  • naturally long hair

If you decide for brazilian keratin application it´s necesssary to consider as well which salon you choose.

Read about risks of wrong and unskilled application of brazilian keratin!

Risks of wrong application

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How to apply Brazilian Keratin?

The application is not difficult and saves a lot of time of day-to-day hair care in couple of following months.

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